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Updated 12/16/2020



Finding and keeping a Horse

Average cost of keeping an average horse at The Riding Academy

          Boarding  $300.00+ a month (includes worming)

          Vet Care $50.00 a month +/-

          Hoof Care $35.00-85.00 a month

          Total $385.00-435.00 a month

How to get a horse.

          Ask Sarah or Rusty what to look for in a horse.

          Start looking for potential horse using our list

When you have found a horse that you like and it meets your needs according to the list

         Watch the horse groomed and saddled.

         Have the seller ride the horse 1st.

         You need to ride the horse at least two times and on trail too.

         Have us do an Instructors exam Cost $75.00

         If the horse costs over $1000.00 a Vet check is recommended Cost $350.00+

If you choose to keep your horse at home, please take the steps to educate yourself.

       Read all the books you can on horses.

       Do not stop taking lessons.

       Make sure you have the time to feed, ride, and clean the horse's stall.

Check out this article: (The feed/boarding/pasture/Vet care costs will not apply to us in California.)

So, you're interested in owning a horse?
If only love were enough....

Academy Boarding (automatic payment only)

Boarding Cost: $300.00+  includes worming, twice daily feeding and a tack box.

Extra Feed Cost: $20.00 for any horse over 1000 lbs or eats over 15 lbs a day.

Academy boarding is not full service boarding, our boarding program is designed to emulate the experience of keeping your horse at home. Our boarders are asked that you help out and follow the stable and arena rules. When you come to the ranch and see the cross ties needs to be cleaned up, rake them up. Come out on regular bases to exercise your horse and clean your stall or if you do not have time, the pasture may be a better way to go. Pasture boarding with other horses can mean the chance that your horse may get hurt more often than in a pen or pasture by him/her self. Yes, most horses are happier to be in pasture with other horses. They are very social and do enjoy the company.

Initial Vet. check up~ age & over all health (no charge), teeth floating $160 ($70.00 by our teeth person), sheath cleaning (you can do it, after sedation), and shots $70.00 (Veterinarianís recommendation)  Call out charge $50 (prices are subject to change)

Yearly Vet. check up should include~ Teeth floating (once a year normally if their teeth are not bad), sheath cleaning, and shots (Veterinarianís recommendation).

Shoes or trim: Every 6 to 8 weeks for trims or shoes - Costs range from $75.00 for a trim to $150+ for a horse that needs special shoes.

Your tack: Please put your name on all your tack.

Muddy days: Please ask Sarah or Rusty how to fix your stall when it is muddy.

Academy tack: Academy tack canít be used by boardersí except in lessons.

Broken equipment or stall damage: You will be required to pay all damage that you or your horse does.

Moving: If you move your horse to another place to live, please leave your area the way you came in or better, give 30 a days notice and tell us the day and time the horse will be moved.


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