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Updated on 01/13/2014


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  Brownies Try it Package  
  Juniors Badges Package  
  Cadets Patch  

1.  The dress code: Long pants, Boots - closed toe shoes with 1/4' heel, and No sleeveless or half shirts.

2.  Bring a snack and drink.
3.  Helmets are provided.

4.  You are welcome to bring carrots for the horses.

5.  All parents must sign The Riding Academy's Liability contract and turn in the day of.

6.  We do not give refunds/credits, if we cancel, because of bad weather, we will reschedule.

7.  TROOPS ONLY: Leaders remember to fill out the horseback riding approval form two weeks prior to event (not necessary for individuals).

8.  To register please mail in your sign up form and a check.


(these files are in pdf format and requires a pdf reader.

if you do not have one installed go to adobe's website and down load a free program to view the files below)


  Dates: (Dates will be added after the below one fill up.)  
  Do to the badge restructure we are researching to offer a updated program, dates will be posted soon.    


If the above dates do not work for you, may set up a different Saturday.

1. You will need 20 girls/tag-a-longs. (If you have a small troop you may want to find another troop(s) to join you.)

2. Send in a check to hold your date.


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30300 Garbani Rd. Menifee, Ca  Phone 951-301-9272


Brownies Try Its Package



Pony Ready, Lovin' and Groom',Horse & Pony, LET’S BE HORSE FRIENDLY, Horse and Pony,

  • The THREE badges will take about 3 hours depending on the number of brownie or tag-a-longs.
  • Cost: $40 per brownie or tag-a-long (mail in your check)

  June 18, 2011 at 2:00 Pm Brownies Try Its Package CLOSED
NEW May 28, 2011 at 2:00 Pm Brownies Try Its Package  

  The Brownies will receive an introduction to basic riding.  Learning and DO the following riding skills with the help of a certified riding instructor:

The Brownies will be riding for 15 minutes. (If you would like longer time on the horse we offer riding lessons.)

  • Learn the proper way to mounting.

  • Learn how to make a horse go.

  • Learn how to stop a horse.

  • Learn how back up.

  • Learn how steer.

  • Learn how to jog.

  The Brownies will do several activities that may include the following depending on the THREE try its the the Program Manager choice:

  • Brownies will visit The Riding Academy
  • See how horses are groomed and cared for before and after riding.
  • Help to do some of these chores such as cleaning saddles and bridles.
  • Help to clean a stall and barn area.
  • Learn about the main parts of the horse and make a poster using 10 body parts of the horse that you have learned.

  • Identify the following body parts: hoof, muzzle, nostril, flank, and crest.

  • Learn about the history of horses. Learn about the way horses helped in developing our country (transportation, farming, communication, and sport).
  • Also, they will learn about three different breeds of horses and horse colors. How are they different? What is alike about them? How are they used today? How were they used long ago?
  • Look at an English saddle/bridle and a Western saddle/bridle. How are they different? Try to identify the following pieces: bit, stirrup leather, cheekpiece, reins, seat, and pommel.
  • Booklet: Make a booklet with pages showing the tools for grooming a horse. Draw pictures of tools and name at least 3. Name at least 2 parts of a saddle and a bridle. Draw pictures and include in booklet.
  • Learn safety rules for being around horses and then follow them as you complete the try-it.

  • Learn how to approach a horse correctly.

  • Learn how to dress for safety when riding on a horse. Know why it’s important to wear a helmet and why is considered suitable footwear.

  • Everyone need tender loving care. learn how to groom a horse using tools used such as a curry comb, hard brush, soft brush, and mane and tail comb. 

  • Learn what horses eat and how much eat.

  • Animal doctors are called veterinarians. Learn how they treating horses, what kind of care do they provide and why they visit make barn calls.
    Learn how to safely lead a horse with a lead rope and halter in a straight line, turn him, and then lead him back to where you started and have him stop.  

  • Mount and dismount correctly.

  • Learn facts the horse you are going to ride, such as name, breed, color, markings, age and height.

  • Look in the barn and the horse’s stall and all the equipment that is in the horses stall.
  • Learn how The Riding Academy feeds their horses and what they eat.
  • Give a Academy horse a special treat.
  • The Certified Riding Instructor will show you the correct way to mount and dismount from a horse. Sit in the saddle and take hold of the reins. The Instructor will also, lead you on a short ride in order to get the feel of how the horse moves.

  • You will learn what you should wear while you riding a horse and How does the clothing that you wear keep you safe while you are riding.

  • Look at the special riding helmets and learn why you always wear a Riding helmet when riding.

  • Watch someone grooming a horse and then help groom the horse using a brush, currycomb and horse pick. learn what does the horse’s coat feel like and brush the horse’s mane.

  • Learn what is “tacking up a horse” and look at a saddle and discover the difference between a western and English saddle, what does a girth do and how the saddle pad protects the saddle from the horses sweat.

  • We will read a story about horses. It can be about a famous horse and draw a picture of the horse in the story

Horse and Pony Try It Badge Developed by: Girl Scouts of Heritage Trails Council

Pony Ready Try It Developed by: Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Council

Lovin’ and Groom’ try-it Developed by: Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Council

Giddy Up and Go Try It Badge Was Developed by: Girl Scouts of Wilderness Road Council

Lets Be Friendly Try It Badge Developed by: Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council

Friends of Horses try it Developed by: Girl Scouts of Virginia Skylines Council

Horses Tri-it Developed by: Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

Horse and Pony Try It Badge Developed by: Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ Council

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Junior Badges


Horse Fan Badge, Horse Rider Badge AndHorse Person Badge

  • The THREE badges will take about 3 hours depending on the number of girls or tag-a-longs.
  • Cost: $50 per girl or tag-a-long (Must be 9 years old or older.)
 For May 21, 2011 at 2:00 Pm Horse Fan, Horse Person and Horse Rider Badges (nonrefundable)

        The Juniors will complete twelve activities and part of "Get Ready to Ride":  

This badges includes learning to groom, saddle, leading, control the horse at a walk and jog.

The girls will be riding for a half hour per girl.

"On the Trail"

  • Cost and types of disciplines offered
  • Are lesson horses available, do you have to own or lease your own horse
  • Available arenas indoor and out
  • Is trail riding available
"Caring for Horses"
  • Kind for feed a horse needs daily
  • Acceptable Horse treats
  • Everyday care in a stable 
  • How often a horse needs to be shod and why
  • Demonstrate how to clean a stall, explaining the importance of each step for the horse’s health.
  • Prepare a feeding plan for your horse for a week, including the weights of hay and grain and the amount of water. Total the weights, find out where to buy feed, and the cost for your horse for a week.
  • Design and draw or build a model of a barn or stable for your horse. Label the different parts with dimensions. Remember to include storage room for feed, bedding, and tools and equipment. Draw pictures of some of the things found in each space.
"Fashion and Function"
  • Correct and safe clothing for shows, Western trail rides, and how to dress for earning this badge.
  • Safety features in footwear, pants, jackets and helmets

"Making a Career of Riding"

  • Learn about three horse careers
  • Training
  • Experience
  • Schooling

"Ease With Equipment"

  • Learn the parts of the saddle and bridle
  • How each part contributes to the comfort of horse and rider
  • Learn how to care and maintain the saddle and bridle

"Horse "Tales"

  • Learn about a famous horse

"Get Ready to Ride"

  • Saddle and bridle a horse

  • Using cross ties a horse to groom, saddle and bridle a horse

 "In Good Form"

  • Mount and dismount

  • Turn and stop a horse at a walk and jog

"Clips, Combs and More"

  • Examine the tools used for grooming a horse

  • Discover the purpose of each grooming tool

  • Learn how to brush a horse before and after saddling

  • Practice safe stable behavior

  • Thoroughly groom a horse, naming each tool you use and describing its function.

  • Explain how the grooming process changes with the seasons.

"Ride On"

  • Plan and take part in a ride with others that include group skill riding

"Horse Anatomy"

  • Name the principle parts of a horse

  • Find out what can be done about common ailments or diseases

  • Discuss types of bedding to use, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Take a horse’s “vital signs”—body temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate.
  • Memorize what is normal and explain what an abnormal reading might mean.
  • Label a large photograph of a horse with the correct names of the points of the horse, like hock, stifle, poll, hoof, etc.
  • Choose three parts of the horse and name and describe a disease or condition that affects that part. For example, thrush, a bacterial infection that causes a black, smelly discharge, can affect the hoof. Describe steps you can take to prevent these conditions.

"New Skills"

  • Identify two new skills that you would like to learn.

  • Then work on them

"Perfect Your Form"

  • Take a riding lesson to learn the basics of riding

  • Lead a horse

  • mount and dismount

  • Start, stop, steer and back up a horse

  • Ride a horse at a walk and a jog

  • If you already know how to do the following riding skills you can demonstrate the skills for your troop

Horse Person Developed by: Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways

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Cadet Patch


Horse Sense Interest Project Patch

  • The one patch will take around 4 hours, depending on the number Girls or Tag a-longs.
  • Costs: $40.00 per girl (You may pay now or mail in your check) (nonrefundable)
  Call to set up date. Sarah (951) 301-9272
    The Cadets will complete seven activities, two Skill Builder, one Technology, one Service Projects, and two Career Exploration. With the instructor help the girls will get to choose what activities that would like to do. The girls will be grooming, saddling, leading, and riding for half an hour. They will learn riding skills in a group, such as mounting, walking, stopping, backing, turning, jogging and arena safety.   
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