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Level 5, Quiz 1
1. What is a slotted Dee ring?

A pelham
A kimberwick
A Segunda
A Tom thumb
A mullen

2. What type of pressure does a leverage bit give?

High pressure
Low pressure
Direct pressure
Indirect pressure
Too much pressure

3. Which one is not a common way of controlling a horse?

Neck rein
A snaffle
A bit
A bitless briddle

4. What keeps a full cheek snaffle from twisting?

Bit loops
Bit converter
Bit guards
Bit straighteners
Bit protectors

5. Which one does not belong?

side pull
Bitless bridle
Dr. Bristol

6. The longer the shank the more ----------- it puts on the horse.

Direct pressure
Severe pressure
Indirect pressure

7. Which one does not belong?

Spade Bit
High port shank bit
Double jointed medium port bit
D ring jointed snaffle
Double twisted wire jointed grazing bit

8. Which type of horse would most likely use a six inch bit

A pony
An Arabian
A draft horse
A large horse
A miniature horse

9. Which one does not belong?

Bit guard
Bit loops
Bit converter
Curb chain
French snaffle

10. Any bit having a fixed rein requires the use of a ------------

Bit converter
Bit guard
Curb chain

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