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Level 5, Quiz 2
1. Mechanical hackamores should be used on _______?

Green horses
Young horses
Old horses
Well trained horses
Problem horses

2. If you put five pounds of pressure on a snaffle bit, how many pounds of pressure does the horse feel in its mouth?

10 lbs.
2 lbs.
5 lbs.
8 lbs.
25 lbs.

3. The shank is ___________.

the mouth of the bit.
the upper half of the bit.
the lead.
the cheeks.
the lower half of the bit.

4. Where does the bosal go?

On the nose.
On the cheek bones.
On the fetlock.
In the Mouth.
One inch below the cheek bones.

5. This horse is ______________________________.

Loping on its Left lead.
Cantering on its right lead.
Galloping on its right lead.

6. Why are some bits made with copper?

It looks pretty.
It increases salivation.
It is more durable.
It is cheaper.
It is more comfortable.

7. What type of horse would most likely use a four inch bit?

A pony.
A draft.
A large horse.
An Arabian.
An average horse.

8. Why do bits have cheeks?

To attach the reins.
to attach the briddle.
So it can not be pulled through the mouth.
For decoration.
So you can attach the reins and headstall to the bit.

9. If your bit fits your horse correctly it should not ----------

Fall out of your horses mouth.
Pinch your horses mouth.
Hit your horses teeth.
Pull through your horses mouth.
All of the above

10. Your horse is divided into how many quarters, in showmanship? Please use a number.

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